Flexible Fire Alarm installations

This is the open view but not so close. If you don't like the peppers then just take them off but they are my favorite part.

Getting to decide on the ingredients in a sandwich is a freedom that we have although many times we can't be as picky when deciding what will need to be installed into our office building or factory as far as fire alarm goes. There are certain things that need to be planned for to meet minimum fire code.


Being flexible is not something you normally associate with Fire Marshals or the companies that install fire alarm systems. Recently Peak Alarm met with 80 Fire Marshals when Peak was involved with the Fire Marshal Association training in Saint George. I was in attendance and I want to let you know that the majority of the Fire Marshals are very reasonable to work with. Their number one concern is life safety. Since that meeting I have met personally with several of these fire marshals and they have assured me that they are not trying to put anyone out of business although they do want the businesses to meet minimum fire alarm code and they want to protect the public.

When in doubt just call them up and talk to them about your project and most of the time they will take the time to meet with you and go over the plans to come up with a solution that will work.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for a no cost site visit here on the Wasatch Front (Utah) Peak Alarm also has offices in Idaho.


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