Fire Alarm Utah Salt Lake City

Alarms come in various brands with different features.

Understanding Fire Alarm Systems may not be on your priority list so let us take care of those details:

1. Fire Alarm Panel - Zoned, Addressable or Analog with Power Supply panels to power other devices 2. Annunciators (This keypad will show all troubles, alarms and supervisory notifications) 3. Smoke Detectors, CO detectors, flame detectors, heat detectors and multisensors. 4. Duct Smoke Detectors (Shuts down air handlers so smoke will not spread) Remote Test switches for Duct Detectors 5. Horn/Strobes, Strobes, Horns, Speakers, Speaker/Strobes for mass notification. Also new Low Frequency Horns to meet current code. 6. Damper connections to shut or open dampers so prevent the spreading of smoke 7. Magnetic Door Holders (The fire panel will drop these door holders also to prevent the spread of fire and smoke) 8. Elevator Recall will send the elevator to a specific floor when there is smoke on other floors. 9. Tie to the Access Control systems to release the doors when there is a fire alarm. 10. Tie to the flow switches on the Fire Sprinkler system to set off the alarm and dispatch the fire department when water is flowing. PIV Post Indicator valves can also be tied to the fire alarm. Wet and Dry systems can be tied in using monitor modules. Pressure switches can also be monitored. 11. Tie to the Tamper switches on the Fire Sprinkler System to alert the owner that the water has been turned off. 12. Test functions to allow you to practice fire drills 13. The Fire Alarm Systems in Utah are required to be tested and green tagged by a certified individual once a year. This is a different tag than the sprinkler tag. 14. Batteries should be changed every 3 to 5 years. 15. Monitoring normally costs around $30 dollars a month for a fire alarm system. 16. If you want to get rid of your analog phone lines for monitoring the fire alarm can be monitored using a high supervision cellular unit for $22 dollars extra per month. This system sends signals every 6 minutes. 17. When you want to use a radio instead of the high supervision cellular the additional cost is only $15 extra on your monitoring for radio monitoring. 18. This is not a complete list of what is tied to the fire alarm although it will give you more information so you have a good idea that a fire alarm system can help keep you safe. 19. Smoke detectors activate much sooner than the sprinkler systems so because the sprinklers normally activate when the temperatures reach around 165 degrees on the ceiling. The ideal is to have both systems because once a sprinkler system is activated the water is going to ruin most everything inside because it is meant to protect the structure.

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