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Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and is certified for installation and monitoring from UL for UL2050 high security alarm systems which is used by private entities and the Government. Peak Alarm has a current rating of A+ with the

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him at Larry is trained in UL 2050 design and Peak Alarm is one of the few companies that can meet this requirement in Utah and Idaho. Peak Alarm also has a full Guard and Patrol Division as well as an AV division so we can be your full service company.

UL 2050 has special requirements on how security systems are installed and how they are monitored. Call Larry and he can come out to your site in Utah in the Wasatch front area to do a no cost onsite evaluation. It is best when you have a drawing of the building and a specification of the room or area that needs the certification. The portion of the work that will be certified via UL2050 will be the security system and the monitoring so other aspects such as the cameras and the access control can also be added to the installation as well.

Typically we will install a special panel that meets the requirements with a tamper behind the panel and inside the panel, often we install vibration sensors to detect if the wall is being drilled. (depends on location of the panel) The entire system will be in conduit and the screws will be ground off, the junction boxes will have tamper switches installed so if someone trying to access any of the wire connections the system will alert the central station of the issue. System coverage will be designed to meet the specific need of your room or area. Sometimes we install motions in the room and above the drop tile ceiling depending on the configuration and the construction.