New Construction Projects for Alarms in Utah

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 or visit our site at Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Some of the projects that are bidding or have bid out:

Salt Lake Fire Station #14 (Peak Alarm is bidding) Natural Grocers (Larry Love with Peak Alarm is bidding) Weber County Library site visit 4/7 (Peak Alarm is bidding) Prestige Financial LHM (Peak Alarm is bidding this project) We sent out pricing for Fire Alarm, Area of Refuge and Access Control 4/13 Hyatt Place in Moab (Peak is bidding this 4/21- Contact Larry Love for this one 801 428 1384) Holiday Inn Express in Brigham City (Our Boise Office is bidding this project- Bret Anderson 208 323 1199 ) Clark Planetarium - (Jessie Lopez at Peak Alarm is bidding this) 801 486 7231 x382 Burlington Coat 4/21 (Peak Alarm is bidding this, contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for pricing)

Projects Peak reviewed but is not bidding: Solar City - Spec said Mircom then found out NOTIFIER (Peak is not bidding this since this is FPS Mountain Alarm only)

U of U Ski, U of U Meb - FCI Nelson Fire only (Peak not bidding) Granite Schools - FCI and EST only (Peak is not bidding)

UVU Valley View 4/28 Notifier only FPS Mountain Alarm (Peak is not bidding)

IHC Heber Valley medical remodel 4/21 (Peak is not bidding this one) FIKE is the early warning system and MIRCOM is the fire alarm.(Gary Powers)

Utah Cultural Celebration - Gamewell/FCI by Nelson Fire, Notifier by FPS Mountain Alarm or Simplex Grinnell LP by Simplex. These are the only three that can bid to my knowledge since the Engineer/owner has limited who can bid the project.

Peak Alarm can do full installations including conduit, wire, devices, programming, testing, training and CAD drawings although most bids go through the Electrical Contractors and Peak supplies parts and smarts or equipment and programming and the Electrical contractor supplies wire, conduit and installation.

When you have corrections or updates to this information please notify so we can get those entered in. Thank you

Peak Alarm