Check the BBB when buying security systems

Does the low bidder on your security system have an F grade with the BBB?

Find out before you buy


Several of my customers have mentioned another companies name which I will not mention but today just for kicks I looked up their report on the Better Business Bureau and found that this particular company has had over 3200 complaints in the last 3 years. Granted any large company is bound to have complaints. The company where I work has over 270 employees so it is not a small company but give me a break, thousands of complaints may be a red flag. Also if there is an ALERT on their report that is not a good thing either.

Many of those complaints cannot be resolved with that company because they have sold the contract to another company which is a common practice in the security industry. PEAK ALARM DOES NOT SELL THEIR CONTRACTS. Peak Alarm owns their own UL listed Central Station which handles all the Peak Alarm accounts.

So I looked up PEAK ALARM on the BBB and found 4 complaints in the last 3 years and they have all been resolved. I checked online and there are some complaints but several of them appear to be the same person. I also spoke with the CEO and President of Peak Alarm and they take valid complaints seriously and strive to use that information to make positive needed changes at Peak Alarm. This attitude of listening impressed me.

I then looked up several of my competitors and found hundreds and thousands of complaints have been filed. The one company that has over 3200 complaints has changed their name a couple of times and they also created a separate company name as their installation company. When you have an issue and call them after they have sold the account you now have to deal with the new company that did not do the installation. This makes the experience a difficult one.

1. Ask your security company salesman and installers to show you their UTAH DOPL LICENSE (DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING) It is a blue and white license and they must carry it on their person. This insures that they have been through the FBI background check and have been fingerprinted. Many companies hire people to sell for them and they don't get licensed. Two such salesmen knocked on my door two days in a row a few years ago when I happened to be serving as the Chairman of the Alarm Systems Commission with the State of Utah. They knocked on the wrong door. They both had shinny new company ID card but those cards are not licenses.

2. Look up the company on the web site and that company that I am referring to has a F GRADE and an alert on their BBB Report.

3. On eBay when the satisfaction rating is like 70% most people will not buy from those companies even when the prices are lower especially when you read the complaints. My 16 year old son is smart enough to pay a bit more and get his electronics from a company that has a 99% rating

This same company also does 60 month contracts "That is 5 years". We can do 60 month contracts here at Peak but we prefer to keep them to 36 or even 24. Keep in mind that you either pay now or pay later and nothing is really free. When it says free installation and free equipment please figure out how many months you will be paying and what the cost will be over time. Do the math.

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