Camera Systems are a deterrent

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Camera systems will not stop vandalism and other criminal activity although it can deter it.

Having good lighting is also very important. In combination with an alarm system, cameras and lighting can and will deter criminal activity. Often when they run into an area with cameras they will move on to an area without cameras.

Peak Alarm has different levels of alarms systems and camera systems. We have entry level, medium level and high end systems. When you go with a camera system that costs less money sometimes you sacrifice quality. A $50 dollar camera is very different from a $400 dollar camera and a $400 dollar camera is different from a $1000 dollar camera that you can load analitics onto. When you research cameras AXIS cameras are top of the line. We have different methods of using camera systems at Peak Alarm.

We have systems that are dispatchers can monitor and determine if there is an actual issue that requires the police or not.