Camera coverage and lens sizes

Depending on what you want to see placing multiple cameras at your project site using different angles and lens sizes will assist you to get the best coverage to allow recognition,identification, coverage for accidents and coverage for theft.

Get a system that will allow you to store the needed amount of video so you can go back and review events.

When you use a wide angle lens such as 2.8mm you will get a wide view of the area and people will be seen as much smaller at a project site such as a warehouse. You will see more but view less of the details and getting facial recognition is very difficult. When you have IP cameras you may zoom in after the fact and they normally have 3 to 5 times the resolution as analog cameras.

Often we will get people that ask us to cover their parking lot with one camera and the cars they are looking at are say 100 feet away and 200 feet across. Using a 2.8mm lens will allow you to see 160 feet across and the view will be 120 feet high. This means you could stand 80 people side by side in this view and put over 20 people standing on each others shoulders. Picture a person taking up 1/20 of the area up and down on the screen. This would be similar to looking at ants.

On the other hand covering this same parking lot with 4 cameras using the 9mm lense setting on a verifocal lens would give you 4 views of 50 feet across and about 38 feet high so you could only put 6 people on top of each others shoulders and only have 25 people side by side so you would get a much better view and if you have IP cameras you could zoom in even more when needed to see additional details such as plate numbers.

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This is the view of our office cameras here at PEAK