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Quality equipment and a professional installation is not always obtained when you go with low bid. When you decide to go with the lowest price, often you get what you pay for.

To compare apples to apples both systems need to have the same warranty and features.

Companies that are the consistent low bidders often leave things out and have to cut corners to finish the project without losing money. Many times these companies go out of business in the first few years because of mismanagement, not paying insurance, taxes, overtime and suppliers.

Does the company you use provide encrypted alarm systems such as DMP, Bosch or Qolsys www.Qolsys.com to prevent hacking of your security?

1. Is the Alarm Company licensed by the State of Utah as an Alarm Company (DOPL)? This requires that they have a QA or Qualifying Agent that meets stringent experience requirements and testing. To install camera systems, intercoms, access control and other low voltage does not always mean you need to have a State Burglar Alarm Company license although I would rather have the company doing this sensitive work for me be a licensed company. 2. Are all of the employees licensed by DOPL? Division Of Occupational Licensing. (having passed an FBI background check) Many companies don't license all their employees. Ask for their blue and white license because State law requires them to have it on their person at all times. Look up UTAH DOPL Licensed people and companies

3. Does the company you are considering have an A+ rating or an acceptable rating with the Better Business Bureau? Put in your zip then look up companies ? Two of our competitors have over 2000 complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau whereas in the last 5 years Peak Alarm has only had 5 complaints and they have all been dealt with.

In this day and age of the Internet anyone can post anything and do it on several sites and cause negative reviews to stand out. Peak Alarm takes all valid complaints seriously and uses them to make positive changes and improvements for the company. People that do not have valid complaints have not taken them to the Better Business Bureau because they know they will be investigated. So take care when reading and believing online complaints and reviews. Check out the BBB and talk to your neighbors and friends and look at the proof and results of a company that has been in business for over 46 years.

4. Does the company you are considering have current workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and are they factory trained and certified? Peak Alarm recently paid to have over 20 employees certified on special systems and I was in those trainings and I also got certified. Peak Alarm is big on training and improving the company any way that will help us become bigger, better and faster.

5. Are the technicians certified to test and inspect fire alarm systems in the State of Utah? (Certifications from the State Fire Marshal) The tag and inspection for your sprinkler system is not the same one as the fire alarm, they are two separate tests. The fire alarm system is required by State law to be tested once a year.

Utah Fire Marshal Certification for Fire Alarm

6. Often after bidding occurs General Contractors will let the subs know what the bids were and give the low bidder a chance to back out and admit they left something out. This is embarrassing although it is realistic. Some general contractors will throw out the lowest bid if it is too far off, knowing that they are in for more headaches if they decide to use the lowest bid. 7. When you as a home owner or business owner get 3 bids for a camera system and two of them are over 20K and one is 12K you need to know that you are not looking at apples to apples bids. Either the equipment is in a whole difference class of equipment or something was left out. That is why having a drawing and a specification is so helpful. Go over your budget and decide at what quality level you would like to go with. There are entry level camera systems, mid-range and high end systems. We have AXIS/ Bosch cameras and Salient Servers for our high end camera systems and we have several other brands for our midrange and entry level systems. We have FLIR systems that also have entry level, midrange and high end within their brand.

AXIS Cameras are incredible

FLIR Entry Level, Midrange and High End

Bosch Video Lines

High End Video Servers

8. Labor is generally very close to what it should be on most bids although small companies with not as much overhead can bid their labor a bit lower although beware because when you go with companies like that often there are some risks involved. If the company only has one or two techs and there is a family emergency you may be out of luck. Here at Peak we have 5 offices and 271 employees to serve you.

Labor +Conduit if required+wire/cable+drilling & penetrations +device = Cost

A camera that is 300 feet from the headend will cost more to install than one that is in a drop tile office 100 feet from the headend. Good estimators factor all this in.

We have a different business model than many other companies that want to get in and get the system installed and get out. You may need to actually wait in line for our services depending on what it is. We offer same day SERVICE which many of the other large companies cannot do. However if you order a large fire alarm or camera system we will need to put you on the schedule and it may be out a few weeks. Companies are willing to wait because they know our track record. We order the right equipment and schedule the right people to install it. Our techs are not waiting in the office for the phone to ring. They are out working and we have customers call in every day to get on our schedule.

When you need to speak with someone you can call me and I will take responsibility and help you get a response whether it is from accounting, install or service.

9. Avoid proprietary equipment that only one or two dealers can sell and service. A company will get in the door with a lower price and then they have you hooked and can charge a much higher labor rate and they also charge more for parts. Peak Alarm charges $100 per hour for residential and $130 per hour for commercial work. There are some companies that charge less and normally if the company is charging quite a bit less there is a reason for it.

10. Peak Alarm has a full service Guard and Patrol company.

11. Peak AV division took #18 in the nation (SDM magazine)

12. Peak Alarmed rated #61 in the nation up from last years rating of 62 (also in SDM magazine)

13. Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station that is also 5 Diamond Certified meaning that we have redundant replacement equipment in stock, backup generators with fuel storage, bullet proof glass, man trap doors, min amount of dispatchers on staff at any given time, verified response times, annual audits from UL, every dispatcher has passed the 5 diamond test and knows the best way to respond to emergencies in a professional manner.

14. Peak Alarm is a member of NETONE which is a group of 36 elite alarm companies in the country. Peak covers Utah and Idaho. As a member of this group Peak Alarm has resources for training and recognition throughout the country. NETONE constantly seeks to improve the alarm industry and Peak is a part of those ongoing improvements.

15. Buy local and call Peak Alarm today. (801) 428 1384 Larry Love

Quality equipment installed by a professional licensed, insured factory trained company costs a bit more, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

larry@peakalarm.com Ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm can help you get the best resolution for your camera system

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