Advantages of a Monitored Security System

When someone watches after you peace of mind is there

Advantages of a Monitored Security Fire System by Peak Alarm. Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

When a fire occurs often the central station will dispatch before anyone at home or the neighbors see there is a problem and every second counts during a fire.

Many times having a monitored system will get you a discount on your insurance. Peak Alarm provides home and business owners certificates of monitoring all the time for this specific purpose so you can get the discount.

When dangerous levels of CO (Carbon Monoxide)build up often humans don't notice and many times people don't wake up with the alarms on the local CO detectors or smoke detectors and the Fire Department will wake people up and save them. Recently a dispatcher called to warn a family of high levels of CO only to be told everything was ok. The dispatcher called the Fire Department anyway and the family was saved when in all likelihood they would have died.

When a break in occurs whether you are home or not the Central Station will dispatch the authorities.

When you rely on yourself if the security panel is only programmed to send signals to your phone then if your phone is off or the battery is dead your alarm will not go anywhere. With a Central Station the dispatches keep calling the call list until they get someone or dispatch guards or the police.

When you are away on vacation and there is a water leak or if the home temperature drops below freezing you will be alerted so you can get the heat back on before there is a major problem with the pipes freezing and then later when they burst and cause a flood. Install flood and temp sensors on your home and business today.

Monitoring your facility with an AES radio or a cellular unit will allow your system to send signals even when your phonelines have been cut or are not working.

Not having your system monitored is like having a guard dog without any teeth.

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