unspoken scooter club

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Interestingly enough there is a scooter club that you don't even have to join, all you need to do is purchase or drive a scooter. It is a similar club to the Motorcycle club but not quite as prestigious. Although the other day a guy on a very nice motorcycle gave me the nod even though I am normally just part of the scooter club. Apparently this guy did not read the rules of the scooter club but that's ok with me. You will notice an unspoken acknowledgement sometimes in the form of a quick wave or a nod from others riding scooters and this is the sign that you belong to the scooter club. I believe it occurs in many different groups of people naturally. It is kind of like being outside of the US in a foreign country and seeing another American, someone you would not normally speak with here in the US but since no one else around speaks English now all of a sudden you are part of a new club at least while you are near this person in the strange land.

They actually have real scooter clubs not that I have time to be in one but since we started riding we have had some interesting experiences. The UPS man asked me if I felt less of a man when I rode the scooter. Actually I don't feel anything of the sort, when I am riding the scooter that gets 76 miles per gallon I really don't care what I look like. The helmet sometimes messes my hair up so that is a down side of riding and using a helmut. Next time when you are on a motorcycle or a scooter and you ride around for a few hours pay attention to others that are on two wheel vehicles or even three wheel vehicles and see if what I say is not true. So welcome to the scooter club.