Today March 12 2013 I life fun pictures like this

CERT: This Friday we will try to hold another Hispanic CERT class at a local church. We had 25 people sign up and only one come last Friday. I teach the CERT class both in English and Spanish. Community Emergency Response Team Training for Disasters. This is sponsored by Salt Lake City.

MY LIFE: Some people seem paranoid that so much information about themselves may be found on the Internet. I don't worry about it so much, my life is not that interesting that too many people would care much what I am doing or intimate details about my life. My friend's brother thinks the government is watching him. If the government wants to watch me then have at it. They will have a fairly boring time with my life. No one would want to take my ID because most of the time I only have about 10 dollars in my wallet and not much more in the bank.

FOOD: Food is a big part of my life, cooking and eating. I like to prepare new items on a regular basis and I love to taste different entrees.

MUSIC: Music is also a large part of my life. I used to play the clarinet all the time, I played sax and flute as well. Now mostly I play the piano, sing and sometimes I play my wooden flutes. I also love to listen to music.

I will be in a musical production of The Prodigal Son May 10th and 11th at 7PM on both nights and 3PM on SAT at 1400 West 700 South in Salt Lake City. I will be the Father. The music is all original by Andres Paredes. Daniel Tuutau will be the son and we have a 30 person choir and some instruments as well. We are now practicing 3 to 4 times a week and from what I see so far this production will be well worth anyone's time. There is no cost to enter and the 3PM performance is the one families are encouraged to attend since we would like the night performances to be more formal without crying kids and such. I also sing in a Tongan Choir from time to time. Years ago I sang in a Filipino choir.

INTERPRETING: I interpret part time for Linguistica and they send me to Hospitals and clinics. I speak Spanish quite well and I am striving to get rid of my Gringo Accent although it is difficult. I have been watching some Spanish NOVELAS with my wife. These are soap operas and many of them are very well done. I can justify the time because they do help improve my language skills.

CHILDREN: My Daughter is in Oklahoma with her husband and 1 year old son getting ready to transfer to a new air force base. They still don't know where yet so we are excited for their future adventures. My 19 year old Son Josh is still living on his own and learning the lessons of life. I just make dentist appointments for everyone in the family. My 26 year old son is still working in the grocery industry riding his expensive bike to work and in races (since he was 15) and is doing well. His wife will have my second grandchild in May (my first grandaughter) My 17 year old Michelle is way too beautiful and I worry about her, she has been working late at her new job and staying up late to do homework, she is involved in track and wants to play volleyball as well when it comes up. Right now she does not have a boy friend so life is not as complicated but that won't last long. My 14 year old is having a harder time in high school, he just went shooting with the scouts last week and had fun. I went sledding with him and the scouts last month and he likes the activities but for some reason has no desire to get any of the merit badges.

WORK: I estimate security and fire alarm projects for my work. I just attended a 4 day training class on Bosch Security Systems that was very informative. I have been certified in Bosch for several years now. I am a Master Fire Alarm Tech with the State of Utah and NICET II in Fire Alarm. I was the Chairman of the Alarm Board for the State of Utah for several years I was on the Board from 2004 to 2011. I have 18 years of experience in the security industry and I was a Military Policeman in the Utah National Guard for 7.5 years from 1982 to 1989.

CHURCH: I am active in a local Church and I feel it is a positive influence in my family's life and in my life. I am a Godfather to one beautiful little girl and soon to be the Godfather of another little girl and I make rosaries as well.

SCOUTS: I am on a scout committee right now and I used to be the Hispanic Scout Master in the area although I am not Hispanic but I am comfortable about Hispanics sometimes more so than other groups of people. I recently wrote an article for a local paper about Gay Scout Masters and apparently they will be putting in the paper this month. I personally am not gay but I don't see any reason that the scouting program should keep gays from participating as leaders or as scouts. I consider myself a reasonable person. None of the leaders should talk about sexual matters with the boys or girls. This should apply whether the leaders are gay or straight.

CIVIC: I am a local county delegate and I was a State delegate before. I don't agree with everything that each of the parties say and I really don't fit well in either party.

STUDY: I like to read and I like to study different topics. Recently I have been studying JOY. Mostly in the scriptures and not only the meaning but what brings people joy and the difference from FUN or Happiness if there is a difference which I believe their is.

CULTURE: I was married to a Filippa for 19 years and so that culture is part of me and will always be. I have been married to my second wife for almost 7 years and I love the Guatemalan culture and that is part of me as well. I have many Mexican friends so I get to taste their food and culture too. I was in the Presidency of a Spanish Church so I met people from all over the world and to me, that experience has enriched my life. I was on a church mission in 1983 and 84 in Guatemala and that has been a blessing in my life as well.

KARATE: I teach free classes to kids every SAT at 8AM at a local church and I have taught karate for years. The styles is seikoshta (saykoshta) you can look it up and see some of my training videos. I don't claim to be a great master or even an expert although I enjoy the classes and the children seem to as well. I have also taught adults. The main reason I teach is to give people that can't afford classes the chance to learn.

STUFF: I am not attached to Stuff like I used to be. I love books although things are less important to me than they used to be. I try not to place much importance on physical things. I do love to collect flashlights. I also like to collect wooden flutes when I travel. I love to travel and see new places, learn about new cultures, religions and try new things.

WISDOM: I feel I am becoming more wise and patient in my life as I get older. I seem to listen more and appreciate more. I appreciate flowers, a nice view and life in general. My eyesight is not what it used to be and this makes me think about the afterlife more than I used to. I do believe in the afterlife and God. My brother said to me the other day "How can an intelligent person like you believe in God?"I still do and he tells me negative things about my church and other churches and I have read most of those things already and I still believe. I love life and choose to not be offended at much any more if at all.