Republic Wireless is a great option

The new plans are $30 per month for the 3G phones which are unlimited talk, text and internet and that would be the Moto G right now and the Moto X which is $300 is 4G and those plans are just over $40 per month with tax. Take a look at the reviews online. I am still using the old phone from republic wireless and it still works just fine. I turn off the WF for phone calls to get better service and my Son has the Moto G and loves it. He just got it in May 2014

I got my son Republic wireless recently and we love it so we are going to switch our phones at work and save $2,400 per year by switching. You get unlimited cell, internet and text all for $23 per month. Check it out, this is the solution to high cell phone bills.The add says $19 which is true but I like to add the tax and it comes to $23.14 per month. The phone can either cost you just over $80 and then you pay just over $30 per month or you can buy the Phone for $222 and then pay $23 per month. These are the prices with tax.

Some of the prices have gone up since I wrote this although the plans are still very reasonable. In 2015 I switched to the 4G plan and I pay $48 per month and I still have unlimited talk and text. My stopped his Republic Wireless plan because he wanted an IPHONE and now he does pay more although he now has the phone that many of the youth feel they need. Customer Service is limited and there is some online help although some people like the interaction with people so this RW plan is not for everyone.