The power of asking yourself WHY

People who say "I am too busy" "I am so overwhelmed" "I can never get everything done that I need to do" and "there is never enough time" end up getting more of what they are talking about, hence they are more overwhelmed and get more of not having enough time. The universe gives you more of what you dwell on. Recent fotos of Prodigal Son Musical and in real live I don't look that old. In the book the Secret they tell you to say "I have plenty of time" and convince yourself that you are not too busy and that is a great concept although what I have found is that by putting the word WHY in front of the positive statement such as "Why do I get so much done?" Now your mind has something to work with. Your mind will try to solve this all day or all night long with answers such as: because I never waste time, because I prioritize well, because I am so organized. You see the results quickly and your mind finds it's own solution.

Long ago I tried this with an issue I had and I asked myself "Why am I such a good neighbor?" So my mind went to work and it answered me "because you talk to your neighbors, because you take food over to your neighbors, because you check on them and etc... Just saying "I am a good neighbor" may not be a true statement and it does not give your mind anything to solve or work on.

Why am I so smart? - because I don't spend time watching television programs that do not teach me something etc...

Why am I such a loving father and or husband? - Let your mind answer

Why am I such a loving mother and or wife?

Why am I such a wonderful sister?

Why am I such a wonderful brother, cousin, uncle, grandparent, just fill it in.

Why do I always have money and the ability to help others when I need it?

Why do I know so much about ..........

Why am I such a great employee? because I never get to work late, because I don't cause drama a work or bring my problems from home etc.....

Why am I such a great cook?

Why do people like me so much?

Why am I fun to be around?

All of us need RECOGNITION, INSTRUCTION and MOTIVATION so in order to change we have to want to change. Remember you can't change others so don't try. Begin with yourself and let these powerful questions work in your mind all day and all night and listen to the answers you get and put the solutions into practice.

Let the power work for you. The secret talks about putting it out there and letting the universe or God or whatever you believe in help. Personally I believe in God so I do pray to God and I consider him my heavenly father. The bible tells us that he is the father of our spirits and he as our father wants the best for us and wants us to be happy so the concept is to ASK, BELIEVE and then RECEIVE.