Nick Neel singing I'll wait no more by Andres Paredes

Video of Nicholas Neel singing I'll wait no more by Andres Paredes

The above link takes you to Nick Neel singing I'll wait no more by Peruvian Composer Andres Paredes. Andres wrote and composed "The Prodigal Son Musical" three years ago. I had the privilege of playing the father in the musical on the first run and now I am participating again in the choir. The cast has been expanded as has the production and we will be performing in the LDS Conference Center theater on May 12,13 and 14th of May 2016. Jessica Lee Gilbert one of the newest members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who has a Masters degree in choir directing is the conductor of the choir and orchestra.

Andres Paredes is a graduate of the University of Utah in biology and also a fourth year medical student and a commissioner on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. Andres is an active member in his community and a dedicated uncle and son. Recently Andres produced "We Believe" which was another musical production performed in the Bountiful Theater where he brought over a hundred artists together for that fun production. You can find many videos on youtube with Andres and his singing sister Claudia Paredes Higginson. Andres is an accomplished self taught pianist. Andres teaches piano lessons locally mostly to children in the neighborhood. His parents return to Peru very couple months because they have a non profit charitable organization in Peru where they help children in need.

Andres has coordinated "The Prodigal Son" production and brought together a full orchestra, a choir of over 40 vocalists, a full cast and crew and all of these people are doing this production as volunteers. Andres appeared on channel 4 Utah on May 2, 2016 and was interviewed about this production. Doctor Daniel Tuutau who received his Phd in music played the son 3 years ago and this year he is singing in the choir and he is an acting and vocal coach for this production. During the first Prodigal Son Daniel helped many of us who did not have experience acting or singing make it through the musical. This time we have an amazing lineup including many talented artists in the orchestra. As soon as I heard the 22 year old Katie playing the french horn I melted. Janet who plays cello

Nick Neel has been in the children's One Voice choir for many years and since he turned 18 this is his last year in that choir and Nick Neel has already began writing his own music and songs. I can see great things coming from Nicholas in the future and he is one to watch.

News report about this new musical

Andres Paredes has added several numbers to the musical including some solos of very high caliber. Andres has a wide circle of friends that include many musical people such as Lisa Benson, Stephanie Hooley, Cactus Jack, Erika Collins and many more and I would encourage everyone that loves musicals to attend this exciting event. You can get tickets online at Conference Center Ticket office site and the cost is only $4 dollars each.

Spiritual experiences should be treasured

This is Larry Love, from The Prodigal Son by Andres Paredes

Quartet from the musical The Prodigal Son 2013

El hijo prodigo. Aqui estoy como padre en este musical.