Links and posting comments on my blog Peten

I had no idea I would get so many comments on my blogs although most of them I believe are peoples attempts to create links back to their own sites. I delete any that refer to penis enlargement or other things that I would prefer not be on my site. I have left some that are diet programs or other attempts at selling things although I would prefer that you just be upfront and list the product with the link and people can click if they so desire. I am just learning how this SEO programing works and I don't pretend to know much about web site design and I am still working on trying to get the site to work with devices other than computers etc...

I have had over 10,000 visitors to my site in the last week so I do appreciate the volume of people visiting my site although the purchases are not very high when compared with the traffic so the conversion rate is low. Please understand if I do not answer all your questions because the volume of comments is so high and the actual comments that are pertinent are very low and hard to sift through. Thank you for reading and I look forward to posting additional material soon.

The material I post on immigration can be very helpful to someone in a hard situation and the CERT information I have posted is free as is the advice for parents of teens, budget information and several other files on the site as well. Immigration assistance,rosaries, rosarios,gemstone rosaries, gemstone necklaces, CERT information, Fire and Security information are all files that I will be adding too in the future.