My life in review

Launie and Larry ran to the field they would play in each week only to find it cleared, with wooden stakes with red plastic flags that had been driven deep into the ground every so often. In the front of the field that bordered Redwood Road there was a sign that said something about a construction company and a new shopping center that was to be built soon. Launie and Larry came up with a plan that if they pulled up all the stakes that the company might give up and not build the shopping center on their play field and so both of them proceeded to run through the field and pull up all the survey stakes. Another day Launie's dad dropped them off at the airport to play and Launie and Larry began to check for dimes that had been left in the pay phones. After about 15 minutes of checking all the phones they had about a dollar fifty of dimes and one of the phones rang. On the other end of the line was a stern voice that told them they were steeling and they should stop what they were doing immediately. Their adventures continued throughout the summer until school started again.


Philip Yordan showed up in Church one day and I was introduced to him. We found out he lived in the church we used to go to before Onequa was torn down and the new church built. His father was a movie producer and had even won an Oscar at one point for Broken Lance. His father had purchased the church in order to make movies. Later he took me to his home where he lived all alone in our old Bishops office. We played in the rooms where we used to have church classes but now they were filled with costumes for monster movies, Nazi movies and costumes of all types. Philip ended up dressing up like a Russion General and I dressed up as a Nazi soldier. We then walked to my home with a long monster claw that moved when you pulled the wire ring in the end and we scared my mom just about to death by putting the monster claw up next to the window. Later when I turned 16 I ended up teaching Philip to drive and we both drove to the grand canyon in my 1964 dodge dart.



As I began reading my life story that I wrote I found it to be quite boring so I really should re-write the story to add some spice or at least make it more interesting or else no one will ever have the desire to read it. So I included the facts below although the story above should be a bit more interesting.

I Larry Gene Love was born 17 March 1964 to David Lee Love and Marilyn Love 1935 (Gordon was her maiden name) My Dad's father was Dave Roland Love and my mother's father was Reed C Gordon and Elizabeth Gordon Griffiths. Overall I had a great childhood filled with playing in the neighborhood with great friends and nothing really traumatic or horrible happened although life did happen which was filled with struggles and joy. When I was really young I would pretend and go into my own little world sometimes using cars or other toys. Several of my childhood years are kind of a blur and since my Dad got drunk quite often I would block out the yelling and arguments. When my mother found out she was pregnant with me she yelled for joy and my Dad just yelled. Apparently the doctor told her she would not get pregnant again after my Brother Dave was born so it was quite the surprise. David Lynn is my older brother and he was born 7 years before me and my sister Sandy Lee was born 9 years before me.


David Lynn Love - Businessman and Contractor (NewStar Construction) David makes his own beer in his garage and has quite the setup. In the past he has been into Jeeps, Motorcycles, traveling to Mexico and many other things. He has a home in West Bountiful and one in Tory Utah. David married Teresa Hatch and they have three beautiful daughters and a bunch of grandkids.

Sandy Lee Love - RN Nurse - Sandy married Rick Peck when she was 15 and Jennifer and Allison Peck were born and later she married a David Valentish and Ryan was born. Later Sandy married August Pierman. Augie was in the Air Force and later got a job at Hill AFB for years until he retired and now he works for a safety training company part time.


David Lee Love - My Dad was an honest man and was great at his job (Drywall) they called him Mr. Clean. He would go to work dressed in white cloths and come home still white. Dad got throat cancer when he was 58 and he died at 58 as well. I remember dad taking me to air shows, bird hunting, fishing and to the park to use the metal detector which I still have and it is still functional after more than 35 years. Dad did have a problem with drinking and that is what led to my parents divorce after 26 years of marriage. My brother Dave was closer to my dad than I was. I do remember many things he taught me and one of those things was if you borrow something return it in better condition than you got it. I remember one day in the car with my grandpa and dad, they were both smoking and I rolled the window down in the back to try and breath some clean air and my dad got mad that I was making a big deal about the smoke inside the car.

Marilyn Gordon - My mom was an incredible mother and wife. She always took care of us, played with us, rode bikes with us and even played sports with us. I remember her singing to me to wake me up. Mom always went to church and the only time I ever heard her swear was when she fell out of the car at church on her tailbone and she said damn several times and I think she said shit a few times too. Mom used to take us camping as well. Mom always made sure she took care of my father and had food ready for him when he got home. Looking back I can see that she was co-dependent and she understands this now. Dad promised her that he would take her to the temple to get married for time and all eternity yet that never happened. In the Navy he started smoking and drinking and he did not want to go to church and only came a few times for my programs where I was singing. Mom got married in RED dress. Mom later married Ron Gillett and after his death married Bill Sheppick who later died as well. She recently had one heart valve replaced and two valves repaired and a clip put on her heart. She has several problems currently and is healing very slowly. She is 77 this year. (2012)

Years and other experiences to remember

1968 I remember when I was 4 years old going to Connie Kelly's house and her sister Karen made a daycare and taught several of the neighbor kids the ABCs and other things on a small chalk board and they made us snacks this was before I turned 5. This is my first real memory. I also remember being in a small plastic swimming pool with Connie and we both had our legs up on the side of the pool and I asked my mom why Connie had a better tan than I did. At that time I had no concept of what a black person was, all I knew was that Connie had a better tan and she was my friend. Later as I listened to my Dad say that all the blacks should go back to Africa and all the Mexicans back to Mexico and such I knew that this type of attitude was not reasonable or right so those teachings and attitudes did not rub off on me, in fact just the opposite did. We used to sit and watch "All in the Family" together and the white male (Carrol Oconner) played a man that had many issues with the blacks and now I understand that the writers of the show were trying to teach us all a lesson of how stupid those attitudes were.

When I was 4 or 5 I was in a primary children's choir that sang "We thank thee oh God for a prophet" as David O McKay walked in the east door of the Riverside State Center on 200 North and 1000 West or about 950 West. This is one of my earliest memories and I remember his white hair although I don't remember anything he said.

1969 I remember being in school and seeing either the lunar landing or take off to the moon in school on the TV there. I was 5 years old at the time.

1969 I got a new bike and rode it over to the school when I was 5 and I crashed and broke the mirror. Yes it had a banana seat and a bar in the back and two mirrors. I don't have that many memories when I was 5 or before. I also remember singing in a primary children's choir when David O McKay the Mormon Prophet came into the east door of the old Riverside Stake Center on 200 North.

1969 I remember kindergarten at Onequa and taking naps during the day and playing with big wooden blocks. They also had small kitchen toys for the girls. 1970 (6 or 1st grade) was a blur as was 1971 (7 years old 2nd grade) I do remember the class room in 2nd grade and the desks but I don't have any solid memories that I can hold onto from those two years. I don't know if it was because my Dad's alcohol issues and the yelling but I would go into my room and pretend everything was fine and go into my own far away worlds.

1972 (8 years old 3rd grade) I was baptized by my Grandfather Reed Cassity Gordon in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. I remember after we were done that we had to wring out the white clothes on a machine that squeezed the water out with 2 rubber wheels that were close together and you had to turn the handle. Then grandpa took us to "Grandpa's territory" which was Fernwoods Ice Cream uptown in Salt Lake. In third grade I also met Launie Sperry and red head girl and we would go to my house one week on Friday after school when we got out early and the next week we would go to her house and play. We had many fun times I remember my mom would make us tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Launie was my first kiss and my first real friend that was a girl. Scott Hansen and Jeff Oviatt were also good friends of mine at this time. Scott lived on the other side of the block and Jeff lived another half block away. I remember Scott Hansen's mother saying that the second coming of Christ would not occur until we had a black President of the United States. At that time people would laugh at something like that. I remember Jeff's mom making us marble cake and it was the best with a big glass of milk. Angie and Amber were Jeff's sisters and the neighbor girl Rochelle Richardson was always over playing with them as well. I liked Rochelle but she was younger than I was and seemed so little.

1973 (9 years old 4th Grade) I changed from Onequa to Jackson Elementary because they were going to tear the school down and build a church. John Reed (An LDS Bishop and a Music teacher) offered to teach me Clarinet lessons for free and that was the start of my love of music. Mr. Reed would spend time teaching me music and always throw in a lesson on morals as well telling me that I did not have to follow the crowd and that I could be honest and strong. This man was a real influence on my life. We got one of the first colored TV sets in our area about this time although I am not sure of the exact year. We only had 3 channels 2,4 and 5 and later we got 7 and 11.

1974-75 (10-11 years old 5th Grade) Had Miss Greene and Miss Randal as teachers and they were a boat load of fun. They even took my cousin Tory and I to Lagoon. One of them took pictures and one day took me all over the place to take pictures of me. When I was 11 my mom cut all my hair off during the summer at my request and then she put shaving cream on my head and shaved it with a razor. Once at a restaurant someone pointed at me and said "Kung Fu" I looked like a young kid on a TV show at that time. My cousin Tory Burningham and I would walk to school together and we hid soda cans along the way so we could pull one out from under a bush and start kicking them.

1975-76 (11-12 years old 6th Grade) This is the year I got beat up for having a Mexican girlfriend. Tammy Salazar. I remember going to her home and not understanding anything they were saying and I still felt right at home. They had velvet paintings on the walls and one day when I was sick Tammy came to my house with her mom and brought me an Elton John record. Jimmy Angelo was a school crossing guard and one day we took his flag away from him and another day we got into a fight and I punched him in the nose. To this day I still feel bad about punching him. I didn't really have a good reason to hit him I just did it. I think about it now and wonder why I did it.

1976-77 (12-13 years old Middle School 7th grade or as they say now Junior High. It was Northwest Middle School) This is when I started thinking I was cool and I started swearing a bit here and there and walking around the halls with tough kids acting tough. I laugh at this now but I still kept up with my music and even walked to Backman Elementary after school for lessons with yep, Mr. Reed. My mom at this time would play with us in the yard and even go on long bike rides with us. This is the year I met Jana Trinnamon (now Johnston) who became to me the very best friend I had ever had. We did everything together and we were not quite boyfriend girl friend. In fact if I remember right when I was in 7th grade I started kissing girls or maybe better put letting them kiss me. Back then with us that was all it was, was kissing which now seems to lead to sex fairly quickly unlike back then. Laurie Rivera asked me if I had ever french kissed and I told her no and she said "I will teach you." I did not complain but let her teach me. Jana was different and I could talk to her. I was twelve when I got ordained as a Deacon at Church and become the Deacons quorum president and I was also 12 when my Dad walked past me while I was sitting on the front steps with a large suit case, he set it down, patted me on the head and then picked it up again and got in his car and left. My mom cried and when I finally figured out what happened I told her I was happy that he was gone because that meant there would be no more yelling and no more smoking and drinking in the house. So at this time mom and I started doing more things together and she went to work as a nurse's aid and I began to learn to cook. She would come home and I would try to have something ready. She was always very nice to me, she would never say this is burned or this is too salty but she would eat it and say thank you. It was while I was in 7th grade that I began taking Karate classes with my brother David and I really got into it, I cleaned out the garage and made a Karate studio with a punching bag and posters of Bruce Lee and all. I was able to take formal Kenpo training for several years and then I took additional classes in Kung Fu and Jeet Kun Do. Sometimes I would practice for 3 hours a day. I was also trying to practice my Clarinet as well. I had a real Karate uniform and obviously it gave me more confidence and for the most part I avoided fighting through Jr High and High School.

1977-78 (13-14 8th grade at Northwest) I remember taking the bus to school and my mom would give me 20 cents. It was ten cents there and ten cents to get home. Jana Trinaman and I this year painted my room one day all sorts of colors with a big eye ball where the dartboard used to be in my room since all the small holes made for a great eye and we painted fish and broken pipes and the stars on the ceiling. The neighbor could see through the window and he went to my mom to prepare her before she walked into the house. He said you're going to get very angry and I thought I would warn you. She came in and took one look at my room and got a big smile on her face and told us what a great job we had done.

1978-79 (14-15 years old 9th Grade at West High) I got an All American Award this year and I was chosen to go to Europe on tour with a band for a month. This band had one or two from each of the 50 states and I was the only one from Utah. We even cut a Record in London. (Its like a CD but bigger) I started to play SAX this year and Flute and bit of piano as well. When I was 14 I was President of the Teachers Quorum at Church and I asked the Bishop to be released so I could visit other churches. Everyone was so worried about me. Now I think back to all the reading I did at such a young age. I don't know how intellectual a 14 year old can be although I was very interested in doctrine at that time in my life.

1979-1980 (15-16 years old 10th grade at West High School)

1980-1981 (16-17 years old 11th grade at West High) My mom got married to Ron Gillett this year and I moved to Magna Utah and I drove into Salt Lake for my 11th grade year in Ron's old 1964 Dodge Dart. He was an incredible patient man that taught me so many lessons without ever having to yell at me. (well maybe a couple of times but not often)

1981-1982 (17-18 Years old 12th grade at Cyprus High School in Magna) I was in 4 Music classes, a drama class, law enforcement half year and parenting the other half and seminary all year. I went to Basic Training in the Summer when I was 17 years old and got my head shaved bald (I had quite long hair) I had several good friends this year.

1982-1983 (18-19 years old Security Guard then LDS Mission Guatemala) I remember working in bars as an armed guard and I was not old enough to be in the bar but I was old enough to get an armed guard license and having such I was put in the bars on the weekends and later when I returned from my Mission I had additional language skills in order to talk to people out of fighting.

1983-1984 (19-20 years old) Got back from my mission and then got a Job at Davis Security again.

1984-1985 (20-21 years old) Met Jenny Corpuz Diamse who came to the US from the Philippines when she was 8 years old.

1986-1987 (21-22 years old) Jenny Corpuz Diamse came from the Philippines when she was 8 years old and I met her when she was 18. I Married Jenny in the Salt Lake Temple May 24th 1986 - Then got a job at OC Tanner - Got our first apartment on 148 Utopia in Salt Lake.

1987 - My first son Tory Sheyn Love was born 21 Jun 1988 -During these years we went to the park quite a bit 1989 - Got out of the Utah Army National Guard after 7.5 years 1990 - My first daughter was born Kaneasha Celi Love 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 - I believe this was the year I was Ordained as a High Priest - Left OC Tanner and got a job at FSS Fire and Security Specialists for 2 years and while there our children got to attend 2 private LDS Schools and I had the privilege of teaching Spanish at both schools. 1997 - I believe this is the year that I went skydiving in Lehi and Tory got to go up in the small plane. The ride up was more scary than jumping out of the plane which was a thrill. I had been bungi jumping before this and I did not really enjoy that near as much as skydiving. We even did a summersalt out of the plane and the video tapped it. 1998 - Began work at American Security & Fire, Inc. 1999 2000 2001- Got back from a cruise with Jenny, Tory and Kaneasha and then moved to our new house on 1562 Transwest in Sandy. We had been living with Jenny's brother in his basement for 2 years to save to get into a home. 2002 - Salt Lake Olympics - Got to go to a couple of events and the practice event for the opening ceremony. 2003 2004 2005 - Divorced Jenny Diamse Sept 15th 2006 - Married Lizeth De Jesus Barrera Morales 9/9/06 - Sealed to Lizeth and Josue Alexander, Michelle Alexandra and Osmar Humberto on the same day in the Salt Lake Temple. 2007 - Tory Sheyn Love married Dash in the Temple 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012- Mom had open heart surgery in September - Josue (Josh) started college at UVU and lived in Orem Utah. Joshua Hess Kaneasha's husband graduated UVU was commissioned a 2nd LT in the Air Force and will be going to Oklahoma for Flight training soon.

CERT Instructor for SLC in Spanish and English Democracy school teacher with Comunidades Unidas Certified Legal observer ACLU Master Fire Alarm Tech State of Utah AE034 NICET II Fire alarm #107204 Passed ReadyKey Pro training in California 2011

I love musicals and my kids grew up watching them with me. I love to go to the ballet and I even like some Operas. I enjoy Shakespeare although I don't even to pretend to understand all of it. I like to read it before I go to the plays and then I get more out of it. I love to watch gymnastics especially the floor exercise. I love to sing still although my voice is not really a choir voice but I do sing in choirs and I try to tone it down when I do. I like to play the piano and sing and some older people don't mind when I play and sing although my younger kids are not really into it. I don't wear Levi jeans very often and my kids are used to seeing me in slacks and button up shirts for the most part. I love to try new kinds of foods and my children have had many experiences going out to eat at many different ethnic restaurants. I always say, look at what a person has the most of and give them more of that and they will be happy. I have lots of books and I know I need to start getting rid of them. I love books. I love guns, knives and flashlights as well.

Relationships with:

John Reed - Music teacher that played in the Utah Symphony and he also taught me the Clarinet and much about life. He played in bands where everyone would get drunk but him and I will always remember the valuable life lessons he taught me.

Miss Randle and Miss Greene - I remember learning to dance with Miss Greene and even swinging her around and throwing her up in the air. They took Tory and I to Lagoon at the end of the school year. They really cared about their students.

Launie Sperry - Launie and I were friends in 3 grade and part of 4th and since she changed schools we grew apart and lost contact. When we got into West I considered myself too COOL to be Launie friend and I know I am the one who missed out.

Jana Trinnamon - Jana was part of my life in Jr High and Part of High School. We sang together, goofed off together, rode bikes together, painted together and were the best of friends.

Rochelle Richardson - I liked Rochelle and thought she was really cute although when I moved to magna we never really kept in contact. I saw Rochelle years later at the Mall and caught up with what was going on in her life.

Angie Oviatt - Angie was a good friend and also a very nice girl

Amber Oviatt - Amber was very young when I knew her but she was super cute and nice to me.

Jeff Oviatt - Very good friend even though he was a year or two older

Bob Oviatt- Bob was like a second Dad to me

Maurine Oviatt - Made great cakes and has a beautiful singing voice

Rorie and Peggy Tafoya - I went to their house a few times and I wanted to be Rorie's boyfriend but it never worked out that way.

Who am I?

I am husband, father and a man of faith. Many feel that faith in God in this day and age is old fashioned and foolish. I have had many faith building experiences that I cannot deny although some would say that they are coincidence or that our minds want to believe these things so bad that we continue to believe when the teachings are not reasonable.


I have always wanted to take art and music to children in disaster situations. Many times food and clothing is taken to these areas and the children end up being more traumatized over time and using art and music as a tool I feel would alleviate suffering.

TO Stay in good physical condition for my entire life although many times I slack off and get out of shape and don't eat as well as I should.

Religious views:

Political views:

Views about life and specific issues: