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As life moves on and my children become adults I find myself worrying less and loving more. I enjoy nature and beauty more than ever before. Last night my 18 year old daughter invited me to meditate with her to the sound of Tibetan meditation bowls and we did with a candle in the center of us. Deep breathing and meditation brings health to the surface. I spend time listening to radio news or watching the updates on television and I see the apathy in the world and try my best to make a difference. Last month I was trained as a Red Cross volunteer and I strive to let my children know how important it is to give back to the community. I see them as spoiled in many ways and I understand it is my doing. I wonder at the future and hope for the best. I use positive words and statements as often as I can and I express my love to those around me. I live in the middle of those that struggle paying the most basic bills and those that donate and help them end up helping them to stay where they are. Are they really helping them?

Evil Michelle