Profanity for law enforcement officers

Making this MP3 was a bit strange for me since I strive to avoid profanity. It is however important that law enforcement officers, medical staff, security officers, court employees and others have the ability to learn some of these words, know what they mean, learn the context of usage and know how to respond to settle the argument or at least calm it down. Profanity and swear words vary the world over. In some countries the word "chula" is offensive since it can refer to a slut yet in most countries this word is used to refer to a young girl that is cute which has nothing to do with anything offensive at all.

For many people in the construction industry swear words are a large part of their vocabulary and not knowing these words and leave you at a loss when it comes to understanding what they are saying. If your trying to move up in the corporate world then this MP3 file won't help you although if you are beginning to learn Spanish and need to learn some more vocabulary that is used quite often albeit swearing then this will help you. then go to MP3 Files to learn Spanish then click on profanityforlaw