SEO and my web sites

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It seems a bit misleading when you type in your URL and it comes up on the first page yet when you do a ranking it does not even come up. Well I believe my site coming up on the first pages is generated through the geographic information of my computer and the keywords combined. It seems like all my keyword effort has worked because I am getting over 3000 hit a day now but the conversion is still extremely low.

Spending time blogging has helped increase my hits as does adding videos and pictures to different sites. Everyone seems to be selling something that can help you and when you buy one thing they are right there to hook you to buy the next item that you cannot do without or "if you really are serious" then you should buy this.

I have put important keywords in the titles, 1st paragraph, picture titles and last sentence in order to help raise the position and ranking of my sites. On one site my ranking was 1 out of 10 and on most of my sites my ranking was 0. Even the one out of 10 showed no google ranking at all. Within my own community I did show up on the first page although I am sure that is not the case if I were to go out of state and search the same words.

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