Seikoshta lesson 022313 attitude consequences positive thinking motives

Figuring out the consequences beforehand for several actions and then making a wise decision

The glass is half full

What if exercise:

Chess – Think ahead – Be patient, balanced yet act in a reasonable time. Since you have planned things out before hand your thought process has already been decided and therefore your actions can be quick.

Sending an Army to war: They need food, rest, ammo. How much does it cost to get the food there? Is it worth the final result? In the book “The Art of War” they discuss many aspects of risk, preparation and logistics. (Getting men, food and equipment from point A to point B) weigh the costs and the risks of your actions ahead of time.

Eating too much, not eating enough, effect on organs, health, ability to function. Once again, we can’t just tell someone that is bulimic or anorexic to just stop and eat right because there are other aspects that have to be dealt with treating the person as a whole. The thought process has to be changed through therapy and the physical body also has to be treated. When you don’t eat right then your body starts to eat itself so to speak. You can become weak and have major problems when you don’t get the nutrition you need. The same applies to exercise and even to doing too much exercise as well. Find a balance. Avoid apathy, always try to learn something new each day.

Letting things that others say bother you. What effect does it have on you and how does it affect others? Paying all your bills when you get some extra money. Is this wise? Weigh the options out and have an emergency fund. Using credit wisely. Don’t fall into the trap. Check places charge over 400% interest but if it is only 2wks sometimes it is only 18% but don’t be fooled. If you get a tax refund paying off your bills would be a good thing but if your credit is bad then having an emergency fund is also very important. If your mother dies and she lives in another state then you may need to fly to the funeral so you should have an emergency fund in case of something like a death or if you lose your job.

I learned the above lesson from a college course and although the professor was teaching a class about the housing market and how to buy and sell homes he taught us much more. He also had a PHD in Psychology and would talk about many issues. He explained the poor people have poor ways and rich people have rich ways and it is your thought process. People will try to save money changing their own oil when in fact they end up wasting time that could be used more productively with your family or making much more money that would bring back returns while you were sleeping. Getting money to make money for you whether you are there or not. Those type of investments can turn your life around. It may be hard to move into a home that is not so nice, fix it up for the next two years and then move again but the process can also generate much more income than a normal job. If you are changing your own oil because you enjoy taking care of your car that is one thing but if you buy $20 in oil and a $5 filter yourself rather than paying the extra $10 dollars to have someone else do it then you may be missing opportunities elsewhere.

The classic example of this is someone that makes $10 per hour giving up overtime work where they could be making $15 per hour because they want to leave their job early so they can change their own oil that night. They are not thinking things through. They might save $10 dollars in labor but they will be working on the car on their own time which is also costing them money. Your time is worth more than you think. Milo taught me that along with many other valuable lessons. If you can pay a neighbor boy $10 to mow your lawn you may have just freed up time where you can spend time with your family that you might not otherwise have and at the same time you are helping the neighbor boy earn money he needs and you are also working on your marriage. Use your time wisely, rich people tend to waste less time than poor people. Poor people have poor thoughts.

When you say "I never have any money" this becomes self fulfilling prophesy because you will never have any money. According to the law of attraction you get more about what you talk about, think about and spend your time on. If you are spending your time on non productive things you will get more of that in your life and have a non productive life. Make a priority list and balance it between family, work, church, community, education etc.... Changing your statements into statements of why will make all the difference in the world because it gives your brain something to think about. Why am I such a good neighbor? Why am I such a great businessperson? Why am I such a good student? You mind will work on these statements and begin to look or solutions and answers. Why am I so healthy? You mind tries to answer this and it comes up with things like: Because I exercise, because I eat right, because I take time to rest and so on. When you are not doing the thing you should your mind helps change your course back to a good course of action using the WHY statements. If you just say "I am healthy" you mind has nothing to work on and your mind recognizes this as a LIE so it is really counter productive to use these type of statements. Change it to WHY AM I....... Let your mind help transform you into a more educated, loving, nice, productive, healthy person.

If you put too much priority on your family and you don't make enough money to support them then you very well could loose your family. If you spend too much time at work never spending time with your family then you could loose your family. If you don't stay up on qualifications and training you may not get the promotions at work so getting the education and training you need is also important. If you ignore your social life then you may not feel a sense of well being so try to mix some of the things that will work on more than one item at a time. As an example you could listen to learning MP3 files while you were at the gym. You could go on a walk with your husband or wife or cook dinner together. You could start a family business to make extra money and the list goes on. If you take dancing lessons together you would be working on your exercise, social skills and family all at the same time. Neglecting one or more areas of your life will throw you out of balance.

Karate: If you hit or hurt someone are you willing to deal with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life? Only use these methods to help and defend in emergency situations. If there is another way out then use it. Do not use these techniques in school, work or when others can be involved to solve the problem because the consequences of jail and mistrust are not worth it.

Ask yourself if your friends tease you or are goofing off what you need to prove to them…..Nothing, it is not worth hurting someone just to prove you can beat them up or hurt them.

Plan each incident out in your mind first and asking your mind and body to react differently in each situation according to how urgent the fight or conflict is. Does it matter if someone thinks you are weak or a coward? Use this to your advantage. Think it through one step at a time and then several steps at a time. Always ask yourself what your options are and then ask yourself what their options are.

Ask yourself why they are doing what they are doing. What is their motive and once you know this and put yourself in their shoes then you can plan accordingly. Put yourself in their place. Know how blessed you are to be in the spot you are in.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail

If you plan ahead you are setting yourself up for success. Seikoshta (Saykoshta) Successful Enjoy life, enjoy the hard times because you know it will get better. Enjoy youth because later your eyesight my go, you body does not react as fast or even at all sometimes so feel blessed and share love not hate or bad feelings.

(Newspaper trick) A group of people were called in to do an exercise and they were asked to count how many pictures there were in a newspaper. The people that were positive people or more optimistic not only counted the pictures but they noticed a headline that said if you read this you win $100 dollars. The newspapers was fake and the pessimistic people would only count the pictures and report doing the minimum requirement.

You see we create our own luck with our attitude and our outlook. Those that always look on the bright side of things deal with stress better than others. This simple analysis does not discount those with deep depression or other issues although overall people that tend to read positive things, watch positive uplifting movies and shows tend to think positively and their actions and words also tend to be positive.

You get more of what you give, you get more of what you talk about and think about for the majority of the time. So don’t think about negative things but dwell on the good, the positive and life will change.