Gas savings riding a scooter Scotter gas savings

The above site is where I purchased my DongFang 150 scooter for a total of $1,057 which included shipping. Just make sure to tighten all the bolts and screws after it arrives and put oil in it and check your brake fluid.

My 150cc Scooter gets 74-76 miles per gallon which comes out to about 5 cents per mile yes about FIVE CENTS per mile so driving to work only costs about 36 cents.

My 4 wheel drive work truck gets 13-16 miles per gallon which comes out to about 28 cents per mile and driving to work and back costs over 4 dollars a day.

To take a taxi here in Salt Lake City is $2.20 to drop the flag and $2.20 per mile or .20 cents per 1/11th mile and $22 per hour when they wait. So the 15 miles it takes to get to work and back costs 75 cents on the scooter and $4.20 in the truck or $35.20 in taxi for a quick trip there and back or $18.70 plus $18.70 or $37.40

These figures only deal with the cost of gas and but if you figure in the cost of tires,oil changes maintenance and such the price per mile is a bit more. Others would say when you figure in the cost of getting in accidents and an ambulance ride then the cost is much more. My mother recently had the Fire Department respond and take her to the hospital and just that was over $1,800 not to mention the rehab place being $7000 per month and the hospital bill was much more.(She did not get in a motorcycle accident although the costs would be similar in some respects.

Five cents per mile on the scooter then add changing the oil every 1000 miles instead of every 3 or 4 thousand with a vehicle and new tires every few years really does not add too much to the cost of driving a scooter when comparing it to a car or truck. The drawbacks as mentioned before is that a helmet messes up your hair and you cant carry as much stuff or passengers and there is a higher danger so you have to drive very defensively on a motor cycle or scooter. You can figure in wear and tear on this scooter and at just over $1,057 dollars I have already gotten my moneys worth this summer alone.

Now I rode the scooter in the rain the other day just for kicks to see how it would handle. Well I have to be honest with you it did not handle well in the rain with the stock tires that came with the bike and the brakes did not work well when wet either so I slowed down to about half of normal speed and I was very careful the rest of the way into work. As far as speed goes this bike can get upto 60 but on the local roads I keep it at about 40 and it is plenty for what I need it for. The 150 has the get up and go that it needs unlike the 50cc which I believe is a bit too small. See my other article on scooters since you may benefit from the information in that review as well. I have now put over 1000 miles on the scooter and it is still running well. I changed the oil after 300 miles just like the book says and now it will be every 1000.

The other day I was in a medical supply store re-stocking my kit because I had used supplies on my daughters road rash when she fell while running downhill. There was a gentleman there buying first aid supplies (Stat medical) and his wife had been in a scooter accident and it was not her fault but she did happen to have her helmet on but she was hurt quite badly and she said she wanted to save gas by riding the scooter but now she never wants to get on it again. I remember falling off my horse and getting right back on but I can understand this may be a difficult decision especially when you consider her age. My other neighbor got in a scooter crash as well and he was out of work for months. I saw him on the scooter the other day and he was back on it and he also had his helmet on.