Best Facial in Salt Lake

Healthy skin like a child

Call 801 521 3330 and make an appointment with Vesta for Sat between 9AM and Noon on Saturdays.

Vesta at the Utah College of Massage Therapy gave my wife and I a facial this morning. We got the 2 for one deal where you pay $25 dollars and get 2 massages or 2 facials. Not that I get facials all the time but I have had a few in the last 48 years and this was the best one ever. Vesta extracted my blackheads and it was very relaxing in fact I started to fall asleep and she said that was the best complement she could get from a client.

Vesta is there every SAT from 9AM to NOON and you can make an appointment ahead of time. The 2 for one deal is over now but when you fill out the paperwork they send you a notice of when the next 2 for 1 will come out. The facial was totally worth $25 without the 2 for 1.

Vesta's specialty is getting blackheads out and helping you get your skin healthy again. Many men don't think it is manly to get facials although they should really think about it closely because when you are in a business meeting and you have nose hairs sticking out and blackheads on your nose or chin the client or prospect is not thinking about business but they are thinking how gross it is that you have hair coming out of your ears or that your face has not been taken care of. I know just the thought of this is not appealing and does not put a good image in your mind so do something about it and call 801 521 3330 and make an appointment today with VESTA for next Saturday between 9AM and NOON.

Every once in a while I will take my daughter or my wife and we will get a facial, massage, pedicure or even a manicure. The experience is really great and is worth the small investment. Did you know many policemen get manicures because people are always looking at their hands? Strange ehh? If you let your toes and feet go without taking care of them it can lead to other more serious problems. Some people say that a guy that has these things done is metro sexual or they may say other things as well. Really when it comes down to it guys, women love it when a guy takes care of his feet or his face or for that matter his overall health.

All the students are great although from time to time you will find one that is better than the others. When you want a massage on the weekend you need to physically show up early and get an appointment. The cost is $25 each unless they are running a special. Where can you get almost an hour massage for $25 dollars. The students are trained and after they speak with you they tell you to undress to your comfort level, they step out and then you undress and get under a sheet and at no time do they see you naked or touch you in areas they should not touch you. This is a worry that many people have and they let this keep them from experiencing a wonderful massage.

When they massage your legs they pull the sheet up around your leg to expose the leg and keep you modest and after they are finished with that leg the pull the sheet back to it's position. Most women remove their bras to allow the back massage to be done correctly. You can request a man or woman if you feel more comfortable by so doing. I personally have had both and I thought guys would have stronger hands and be able to do deep tissue massage better than the girls but I have not found this to be the case. If they are not using enough pressure don't hesitate to tell them so. I personally don't like too much pressure to be used on the back of my calves so I tell them that up front. If you have had an injury let them know.

If you have had problems with blood clots in your legs and your doctor does not want you having a full body massage then consult with them and they can work something else out like a hand and arm massage and feet or a facial massage and scalp massage. If your neck hurts then they can concentrate on that area the entire time and you don't have to have a full body massage. There are also different types of massage and you can request those as well. They are all happy to explain the different types of massages that you can get. Now a warning to you, after you have done this once you may get hooked. If you don't have a good experience the first time don't worry because each student is different and the next time most likely will be better. You can't really complain very much when you only pay $25 and you end up relaxing to soft music for an hour and getting your mind of the normal everyday grind. So let them know I sent you in and have a great massage the next time you go.