Over the Rail, floor mount or epoxied into the floor

Overhead door status switches are normally metal contacts and are mounted on the side rail of the overhead door, on the floor (often getting damaged by fork lifts) or at times a channel is hammer drilled out in the floor and the contact is recessed into the cement to the fork lift is less likely to damage these door status switches. 

Overhead door switches can be zoned or addressable. Zoned is where a wire is ran back to the panel location or to a multipoint expander or an addressable module can be placed at each door and a SLC loop (wire circuit) can have individual addressable points on the system which saves in wire and labor although the modules cost a bit more. When you only have 10 or 15 points zoned is normally the most cost effective although when you have allot more points then addressable systems are more cost effective. 

Going with low bidder you may not be informed of all the different options. As a professional I am full of information although I try not to give you too much information so if this interests you please ask me about the different options and we can discuss what may be best for your application.