Motions, Door Status Switches and glass breaks

When I talk to a customer I need to know how they want the alarm system to work, what they expect it to do and then I try to explain the options according to their concerns:

  1. When you are concerned about having an alarm system when you are away on vacation or at work we don’t recommend contacting all the windows with contacts or using glass break sensors because the motions will activate when someone enters.

  2. When you are concerned about someone entering while you are at home then we suggest that all the lower windows that open have contacts installed. I point out that a small percentage of break ins happen with someone using a ladder to climb upstairs to enter the home because many burglars understand that more often than not the upper windows will not be secure and the likelihood a a motion detector being installed upstairs is lower.

  3. Glass break sensors or shock sensors will alert you a bit sooner than a motion detector and if you are in the home and just have the perimeter armed the motions will not be active so glass break sensors that detect breaking glass (the frequency of breaking glass) and shock sensors that would detect the shock would be useful. I am careful not to install these type of detectors in homes or businesses where large trucks are driving by because they can cause these sensors to false alarm.

  4. Alarm systems do not stop burglars from breaking into your home or business although they are a deterrent and often when the burglar sees the sign he will go to the next target that is why cameras are also a good deterrent although they don’t stop crime either.

  5. Even when the alarm activates the burglars have several minutes before the police or the guard company will arrive. Most insurance companies will give you a discount when you have a security system and often a larger discount when you monitor for flood, fire and temperature.

  6. Some businesses want specific employees to be able to disarm the shop but not the office, in some homes the parents want to arm the gun room or the closet where medicine is kept separately from the main system so those areas are armed 24 hours a day and they want to get an alert if anyone opens those rooms or areas.

  7. When you have an alarm system take advantage of as many of the options as you can so you are not just using the system as an alarm system for burglars. Some of the cool stuff a system can do not is as follows:

A. Alert you if you have left the garage door open and allow you to remotely close it.

B. Alert you when you have left the stove on.

C. Alert you when there is a flooding condition, fire , gas condition or even low or high temperature.

D. Our systems allow you to turn your lights on or off, adjust your thermostats and much more. The wife of our President of Peak Alarm uses the system to make sure she has turned off her curling iron. So it gives many people peace of mind and control to check on dogs with cameras or check the kids or to know when the kids come home and even see a picture of them disarming the system.

E. We can program certain motions to activate specific lights during the night so if you get up in the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink the lights will go on for a specific time and then turn back off after you leave the area.

F. We can program the system so the system will disarm when you have your phone on you and you walk up to the door with your arms full of bags from the store and you can’t get to the alarm pad to disarm the system. I personally do not recommend this option because if a burglar had you with him he could enter with you and your system would automatically disarm.

G. If we program a panic code then the system would act like it got deactivated but it would in reality send a panic signal out and we would dispatch the police department.

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