What sets Peak Alarm apart?

My Peak Alarm home camera system is still working well after years of use, many of the big box cheap systems have issues shortly after installation since they are not rated commercial.

I can tell you all the normal hype that this is a family owned business, hires over 300 local people, has been in business for over 50 years, is the only alarm company with a UL listed Central Station for monitoring and a full service guard and patrol division. All of these items are true but why should you hire Peak Alarm instead of a company that can give you lower prices?

I can let you know that Peak puts all of it’s employees through FBI background checks and holds all the proper insurance such as workers compensation and liability insurance. Peak also holds regular ongoing training with all employees to keep them up to date on current technology and products.

Many of the smaller companies will often forgo all the insurance requirements and they may bid projects out at lower prices in order to win the jobs. Be very careful because often low bidders are the ones that have left items off the bid that should have been included.

When you research a company look them up not only with the online reviews but also on the Better Business Bureau. Currently Peak has 1 complaint that has been filed with the BBB and 2 negative comments compared with two of our main competitors have thousands of complaints each.

Many people will hire a national alarm company only to find out that it is easy to sign up and difficult to get service or talk with anyone on the phone, that is not the case with Peak Alarm. You can call and even speak with management if needed.

When you go with a smaller company that only has a few employees pricing again can be lower but you may not get the needed service if one of their employees is sick or on vacation. Peak has over 100 employees on the alarm side of the business and 5 offices to serve you.

When researching facts only you will find that the Salt Lake Police brought a case against a Peak Alarm dispatch employee for improper reporting and they lost the case because of the circumstances. Salt Lake Police no longer respond to local alarms unless they are panic alarms. Peak Alarm has a professional fleet of uniformed guards that drive marked security cars to respond to Salt Lake and West Valley Alarm where the police do not respond.

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I have worked for smaller alarm companies and now for Peak Alarm. Peak has the financial responsibility to undertake any size project and more than half of their business is commercial. The business model Peak has is not to hire younger kids to knock doors like many of the alarm companies so we send out experienced salespeople to help you with your specific needs.

Many of their cookie cutter companies offer free installations that sound good at first although then you find out that the payments will last much longer and they have higher monthly costs than Peak Systems. Many of these companies have you sign a 5 year agreement which is 60 months and Peak Alarm normally does 36 months which is 3 years. We understand that many times people will move or have a life circumstance which changes so we would prefer to have the contract be 36 months.

Peak will lock the rate in for senior citizens, my mother married a man that was in a contract with a national alarm company paying over 70 per month f or a phoneline monitoring contract and when we called to cancel because he was out of contract it was very difficult to get them to cancel. We cut the cost of monitoring and locked her into the senior rate that would not increase.

So when you ask me why you should buy from Peak Alarm there are many reasons and most of all you need to understand that price is not normally the number one factor when you have experienced buyers that understand what benefits you get from a full service alarm company. Give me call and I can come to your home or business and develop a custom pricing plan for you.

Larry Love (801) 898 6003 is my cell (801) 428 1384 is my direct office number Larry@peakalarm.com is my email.