Peak is a large company but not too big

Peak Alarm employees over 400 local employees and has over 12,000 customers

Peak Alarm is large enough for any security, fire alarm, access or camera project. 

Peak is licensed, insured and bondable and every employee has to pass an FBI background check on an ongoing basis. Peak Alarm has been a family owned business since 1969

Some of the larger companies that have over one million accounts put you on a waiting list for service calls that can take weeks and just to roll a truck some of them charge over $500 dollars. Some of these companies are low bid going into a job and make their money on the back end with the customers with high service rates. 

Peak wants long term business and if you as a contractor sell a fire alarm to an owner that later finds out it was a proprietary system and their service rates are high that customer often gets upset.  Peak installs non proprietary products.  (801) 428 1384  Cell (801) 898 6003  Main number (888)822 7231 

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