Why we cannot bid some projects

Some projects cannot be bid by more than one company when dealing with alarms.

Peak Alarm was asked to bid the following projects and sometimes we can and sometimes we cannot for various reasons such as not being in the specification as an approved product or if the building is a remodel or TI (Tenant Improvement) and it has to match an existing system that Peak does not install.

  1. North Davis Sewer - Looked at specification and this is a SIMPLEX brand fire alarm only so Peak Alarm cannot bid this project.

2. Canyon School District Administration building remodel has FCI/Gamewell listed which is Nelson Fire and MIRCOM by PCS (Those are the only two listed) If it is an existing system it will need to match whatever is in the building. On the camera system it would be Alphacorp,, Simplex Grinnell, Stone Security or Avtec because of the head end that is required.

On 9/12/18 an addendum came out listing Nelson Fire as the only approved bidder for the fire alarm since they are adding on to a system they installed and it has to match so Mircom by PCS was taken out of the specification.

Often when adding to a remodel or TI we are asked to bid projects that already have existing equipment. When this is the case you will need to contact the company or companies that can provide that exact brand and if it is proprietary often it is only one company..

Example if the specification is Simplex/Grinnell as it is on North Davis Sewer the only company that can bid that is Simplex. (Granted Johnson Controls is now part of Simplex and Tyco)

Example of camera specification that requires Milestone VMS Video Management System on Canyons Admin building. Stone Security installs Milestone and Simplex Grinnell and Avtec. It also will allow Genetec by Alphacorp.

Peak Alarm is certfied to install AXIS Camera system with AXIS headends or Salient VMS. When a project or an engineer narrows a job down to specific products we will be happy to bid those projects as an unapproved alternate with the understanding that we offer something different than the specification offers.

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